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About Curls

A Natural Curl Cut by Clover Jalil  


Those of us with curls know that no two are the same. Each is an individual, unique, and all deserve to be treated just a little bit differently… 


Blessed with my own head-full of Pre-Raphalite curls my curl passion began at the same time as my hairdressing career, with the desire to know how to best care for and cut hair like my own. 


As I researched and gathered more knowledge and training, I've developed Cutting and Styling techniques tailored to every curl type and texture, from Wavy to Curly to Fractal/ Afro Caribbean curls and as I've discovered new methods, my desire to share my findings with other curly haired people has grown too! 


At an introduction appointment I will spend approximately two hours (dense Curls may take longer with drying time, please let me know if you are fortunate enough to have very thick hair when booking your appointment), because good curls can't be rushed. 


Each appointment begins with a full consultation, this is an opportunity to talk about your hair, your wishes and woes. You are encouraged to bring a photo of hair you like and any products you currently use at home you'd like to discuss. After the consultation your hair will be bespokely dry cut according  to your curl type and texture. 


After the cut your hair will be cleansed and expertly deep conditioned with products specifically selected for your hair (all sulphate free naturally) before being styled and finally dried with a state of the art defuser. 


Throughout the appointment I will be explaining my techniques, offering product advice and sharing the knowledge necessary to make sure every day is a good hair day for your curls! 




 Preparing for your appointment: 


Please detangle and wash your hair in the 24 hours prior to your appointment. You may style and dry your hair as normal. In order to make an accurate assessment of your curls please do not straighten, tong, plait, or tie up your hair after washing. Hair should be fully dry by the time of appointment.  


The Basics: Golden rules for curls… 


1. Say goodbye to sulphates, it’s a chemical found in lots of shampoo, far too harsh for delicate curls. 


2. Never brush dry curls. And when detangling wet curls be gentle! Remember your hair is a natural fibre just like cashmere and silk. 


3. Remember to hold, the perfect curl needs a product with some hold to help it stay that way. 


4. Condition Condition Condition...due to the increased surface area of curls they often dry out, make sure to give you hair the moisture it requires. 


5) All Hair-care is not a one size fits all, find out about your curl's needs and treat them accordingly. 

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